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Welcome To Safesite SIRS Austin


Hello, welcome to Safesite SIRS. SIRS stands for Safesite Internet Records System. To access your records, it is necessary to enter three pieces of information. These are your 6-digit account number, your personal user name, and your password. Passwords are case sensitive so it is important that you enter your password exactly as it was created. This includes upper or lowercase letters where they are specified. If you are having trouble with your password, make sure that the caps lock key on your keyboard has not been enabled.

If you have forgotten your password and have an email address registered with Safesite, you may reset your password by clicking here. SIRS will then send you an email which will allow you to create a new password.

If you still have trouble logging in, you may call your Safesite representative at (512) 926-1780 for more assistance.

Thank you for choosing Safesite.